A Post about the top 4 WordPress Contest & Giveway Plugins

The Top 4 WordPress Contest & Giveaway Plugins

In today’s digital landscape, effectively engaging your audience requires a blend of creativity and strategic thinking. This is where WordPress contest and giveaway plugins come into play, offering a sophisticated yet accessible means to connect with your audience. Far from being mere digital tools, these plugins serve as vital conduits, linking your brand to its audience in a manner that nurtures engagement, builds excitement, and cultivates loyalty.

These plugins, when utilized adeptly, transform the online experience from a mere browsing activity to an interactive and dynamic engagement. They have the unique ability to convert casual viewers into active participants and, in due course, transform potential customers into committed brand advocates. By incorporating contests and giveaways into your digital strategy, you not only enrich your brand’s online presence but also create a community of engaged and loyal followers.

Why Use a Contest and Giveaway Plugin?

  1. Boost Engagement: Contests create a buzz, encouraging users to interact with your brand, thereby increasing overall engagement.
  2. Enhance Visibility: A well-crafted contest can go viral, significantly boosting your brand’s visibility beyond your current audience.
  3. Grow Your Audience: Contests attract new followers, subscribers, and potential customers, expanding your reach.
  4. Collect Valuable Data: They are excellent tools for gathering data like email addresses, preferences, and customer feedback, invaluable for future marketing strategies.
  5. Increase Sales and Leads: Contests can directly lead to increased sales and lead generation, as participants are more likely to engage with your brand’s offerings.
  6. Build Community: They foster a sense of community and belonging among participants, creating a loyal customer base.

Things to Consider When Selecting a WordPress Contest & Giveaway Plugin

  • Customization Options: Ensure the plugin offers ample customization to align with your brand identity.
  • Integration Capabilities: It should integrate seamlessly with social media platforms and other marketing tools you use.
  • Analytics and Reporting: The ability to track and analyze campaign performance is crucial.
  • Support and Updates: Reliable customer support and regular updates are essential for the smooth running of your contests.
  • Types of Contests Supported: Verify that the plugin supports various types of contests and giveaways that align with your marketing goals.

Understanding the Value of Investing in a Contest & Giveaway Plugin

While the price is an important factor, it’s crucial to recognize the value these plugins bring to your marketing efforts. To run a meaningful and impactful campaign, investing in one of the packages is often necessary. These packages offer advanced features, greater customization, and robust support, ensuring your contests are not just another drop in the ocean, but standout events that captivate your audience.

In essence, a WordPress contest and giveaway plugin is more than a tool; it’s an investment in your brand’s digital future, a catalyst for growth, and a means to create memorable experiences that resonate with your audience. Choosing the right plugin and investing in a suitable package is a step towards transforming your brand’s digital narrative, engaging with your audience on a deeper level, and setting the stage for long-term success.

Our List of The Top 4 WordPress Contest & Giveaway Plugins


SweepWidget, a dynamic WordPress plugin, has become an indispensable tool for over 10,000 brands globally, including innovators like CloudCommerce, DigitalCoin, and Exquisite Cosmetics. This plugin’s prowess in digital marketing is underscored by its impressive ability to generate over 60 million leads, along with 300 million actions and 250 million social engagements. Such success is largely attributed to its support for more than 90 entry methods and integrations across over 30 social media platforms.

SweepWidget Key Features:
  • It offers over 90 diverse entry methods.
  • Provides extensive integration with more than 30 social media platforms.
  • Automates the capture of email addresses and integrates with various email marketing services.
  • Features an intuitive drag-and-drop builder for easy customization.
  • Offers instant rewards and coupons to motivate participants.
  • Includes viral sharing options for broad campaign reach.
  • Leaderboards to encourage participant competition.
  • Facilitates social login and offers flexible winner selection methods.
  • Allows scheduling of giveaways for optimal engagement.

A compelling illustration of SweepWidget’s impact is the case of ‘Innovative Inspirations’, an emerging online retail store. They implemented SweepWidget in a strategic giveaway campaign, which led to a significant enhancement in brand engagement. The results were astounding: a gain of 25,000 new leads and an increase of 20,000 in social media followers. This substantial growth in their digital presence not only improved their market visibility but also resulted in a 350% increase in sales revenue. This highlights the tool’s remarkable capability to boost business growth and enhance online engagement.

Unique Selling Point

The Unique Selling Point of SweepWidget lies in its unparalleled adaptability and integration capacity. It supports a vast array of entry methods and social media platforms, enabling users to tailor their campaigns with specific prize images, backgrounds, and landing pages. This versatility makes it a prime solution for businesses seeking dynamic and engaging audience connections.

Ideal Usage Conditions

Ideal Usage Conditions for SweepWidget are varied and include scenarios particularly suited for individuals and businesses seeking a highly customizable contest platform. With its extensive social media integrations and a variety of entry methods, it is perfect for those aiming to maximize their online presence, engage a broad audience, and create compelling, interactive marketing campaigns.


Woorise, a comprehensive WordPress giveaway plugin, is favored by over 20,000 brands, including renowned names such as JavaBrew, Athletica, SkyCloud Solutions, and KitchenPro. This SaaS app connects seamlessly to WordPress sites through a connector plugin. As a hybrid platform, Woorise not only facilitates giveaways but also enables the creation of forms, quizzes, landing pages for lead generation, and payment forms.

Here, we focus on its functionality as a giveaway plugin, although it’s important to note Woorise’s versatility in supporting various other digital marketing activities.

Woorise Key Features
  • Intuitive drag-and-drop visual builder, mirroring the WordPress block editor’s user interface, simplifies the creation process.
  • Simplified winner selection with options for random automatic picks or manual choices.
  • Integrated built-in analytics for tracking campaign performance.
  • Offers instant prizes to incentivize participant engagement.
  • Bonus entries feature, rewarding participants for specific actions like referrals or completing certain tasks.
  • Enables photo contests with voting features, adding an interactive element to campaigns.

In terms of a success story, consider the case of ‘Digital Delights’, a burgeoning online retailer. They employed Woorise for a promotional giveaway and experienced a remarkable uptick in customer engagement. The campaign led to an impressive 30,000 new leads and a 15,000 increase in social media followers, significantly expanding their digital footprint. This surge in engagement directly translated to a 300% jump in online sales, showcasing Woorise’s ability to drive business growth and elevate online presence.

Unique Selling Poinst:

Woorise is especially acclaimed for its user-friendly interface, making the creation of interactive content like quizzes and surveys effortless. In addition, the platform’s integration capabilities with various marketing and CRM tools make it a versatile choice for enhancing marketing strategies.

Ideal Usage Conditions:

Woorise is ideally suited for users seeking an accessible solution for crafting interactive content and seamlessly integrating it into their marketing campaigns. Its broad range of features makes it perfect for those looking to bolster their online presence, engage a diverse audience, and create dynamic, interactive marketing initiatives.

Contests by Rewards Fuel

Contests by Rewards Fuel stands out as one of the premier WordPress contest plugins, distinguished for its ability to run engaging contests and giveaways. It’s particularly celebrated for its proficiency in driving social engagement and gathering user-generated content. The plugin has been successfully utilized by notable entities like WGN America, BD Outdoors, and various radio shows, demonstrating its widespread appeal and effectiveness.

Contests by Rewards Fuel Key Features
  • Offers over 35 different entry methods, providing a wide range of options for participant engagement.
  • Integrates seamlessly with more than 14 platforms, enhancing its versatility.
  • Includes promotion features like a pre-launch landing page to build anticipation.
  • Allows for ongoing campaigns with winners selected daily, weekly, or on a custom schedule.
  • Hosts specialized contests such as video contests, trade show contests, and ‘listen and win’ contests for radio stations and podcasts.
  • Focuses on form-first contents to efficiently generate leads.
  • Provides insightful statistics to track and analyze contest performance.

A notable success story is that of ‘Creative Canvas’, a digital art platform that employed Contests by Rewards Fuel for a video submission contest. This campaign resulted in a substantial increase in engagement, attracting over 20,000 new participants and boosting their social media following by 18,000. The heightened visibility and interaction led to a 250% rise in website traffic, significantly enhancing the platform’s reach and visibility.

Unique Selling Points
  • The plugin is highly praised for its user-generated content capabilities, particularly in photo and video contests.
  • It excels in boosting social media engagement, making it a valuable tool for brands looking to enhance their online presence.
Ideal Usage Conditions

Contests by Rewards Fuel is ideal for users who aim to leverage contests to generate user content and intensify social media interaction. Its array of features makes it a perfect choice for those seeking to engage audiences in creative and interactive ways, thereby expanding their digital footprint and fostering community involvement.


Gleam’s Competitions app, a standout component of its diverse marketing platform, has established itself as an essential WordPress giveaway plugin. This versatile tool has played a pivotal role in generating over 5 billion entries from more than 1 million contests, with prominent users including Shopify, Trivago, HubSpot, and Razer, highlighting its widespread appeal and effectiveness in the industry.

Gleam's Competitions Key Features
  • Provides over 20 distinct entry methods, offering ample engagement opportunities for various audiences.
  • Ensures broad connectivity with over 20 platforms, facilitating extensive digital integration.
  • Features a user-friendly editor, streamlining the contest creation process.
  • Supports up to 500 winners and allows for 50 prizes per competition, catering to large-scale contests.
  • Comes with pre-designed templates for different campaign types, enhancing efficiency in setup.
  • Includes viral sharing options to extend campaign reach significantly.
  • Offers diverse winner selection methods, such as an innovative Instagram comment picker.

The effectiveness of Gleam’s Competitions app is exemplified by the success of ‘TechTrend’, a technology-focused website. They utilized Gleam for a large-scale multi-prize giveaway, resulting in over 100,000 new contest entries and a significant increase in their social media following by 25,000. This substantial rise in engagement led to a 200% increase in their website traffic, demonstrating Gleam’s potent impact in enhancing online visibility and audience engagement.

Unique Selling Points
  • Gleam is acclaimed for its user-friendly interface and diverse contest creation capabilities, making it accessible to a broad user base.
  • The platform’s ability to support numerous winners and prizes per competition is particularly beneficial for large-scale, impactful campaigns.
  • Unique features like the Instagram comment picker provide a niche advantage, especially in terms of social media engagement.
Ideal Usage Conditions

The Competitions app by Gleam is ideally suited for businesses and marketers seeking a comprehensive and flexible solution for running various contest types. It’s particularly effective for initiatives aimed at boosting social media engagement, driving website traffic, and enhancing lead generation efforts.

The Impact on Performance: How These Four Plugins Affect Website Speed

SweepWidget, Woorise, Contests by Rewards Fuel, and Gleam leverage WordPress plugins while effectively demonstrating the Software as a Service (SaaS) model.

These plugins, though integrated with WordPress, handle complex tasks like social media integrations, data analytics, and email marketing on their own servers. This strategy significantly reduces the load on the user’s WordPress server, ensuring smoother operations and enhanced performance.

By combining the convenience of WordPress plugins with the robust, scalable, and feature-rich capabilities of SaaS solutions, these platforms efficiently manage intensive data processes without overburdening the WordPress infrastructure.

Comprehensive Side-by-Side Comparison of Key Plugin Features

wdt_ID Feature Category SweepWidget Woorise Contests by Rewards Fuel Gleam

Entry Management

2Multiple Entry Methods60Green.webp60Green.webp60Green.webp60Green.webp
3Entry Tracking60Green.webp60Green.webp60Green.webp60Green.webp
4Entry Validation60Green.webp60Green.webp60Green.webp60Green.webp
5Manual Entry Addition60red.webp60Green.webp60red.webp60Green.webp
6Bulk Entry Import60red.webp60Green.webp60red.webp60Green.webp
7Video Entries60Green.webp60Green.webp60Green.webp60Green.webp
8Image/Gallery Entries60Green.webp60Green.webp60Green.webp60Green.webp
9Text-based Entries60Green.webp60Green.webp60Green.webp60Green.webp

Social Media Integration

11Facebook Likes/ Shares/ Comments60Green.webp60Green.webp60Green.webp60Green.webp
12Twitter Follow/Tweet/Retweet60Green.webp60Green.webp60Green.webp60Green.webp
13Instagram Follow / Like / Comment60Green.webp60Green.webp60Green.webp60Green.webp
14LinkedIn Follow/Share60Green.webp60Green.webp60red.webp60Green.webp
15Pinterest Follow/Pin60Green.webp60Green.webp60red.webp60Green.webp
16YouTube Subscribe/Like/Comment60Green.webp60Green.webp60Green.webp60Green.webp
17TikTok Follow/Like60red.webp60Green.webp60red.webp60Green.webp
18Snapchat Actions60red.webp60red.webp60red.webp60red.webp

Email Marketing Integration

20Integration with Major Email Marketing Tools60Green.webp60Green.webp60Green.webp60Green.webp
21Automated Email Responses60Green.webp60Green.webp60red.webp60Green.webp
22Custom Email Templates60red.webp60Green.webp60red.webp60Green.webp

Analytics and Reporting

24Engagement Analytics60Green.webp60Green.webp60Green.webp60Green.webp
25Real-Time Reporting60Green.webp60Green.webp60red.webp60Green.webp
26Detailed Participant Data60Green.webp60Green.webp60red.webp60Green.webp
27Exportable Reports60Green.webp60Green.webp60red.webp60Green.webp

Customizing and Branding

29Custom Branding Options60Green.webp60Green.webp60Green.webp60Green.webp
30Widget Customization60Green.webp60Green.webp60red.webp60Green.webp
31Custom CSS/HTML Options60red.webp60Green.webp60red.webp60Green.webp
32Theme Selection60Green.webp60Green.webp60red.webp60Green.webp

User Verification

34Email Verification60Green.webp60Green.webp60Green.webp60Green.webp
35CAPTCHA Integration60Green.webp60Green.webp60red.webp60Green.webp
36SMS Verification60red.webp60Green.webp60red.webp60Green.webp
37Fraud Detection60red.webp60Green.webp60red.webp60Green.webp


39Multi-Language Support60Green.webp60Green.webp60Green.webp60Green.webp
40Global Accessibility Compliance60red.webp60Green.webp60red.webp60Green.webp

Legal Compliance

42Compliance with Contest Laws60Green.webp60Green.webp60Green.webp60Green.webp
43Age and Location Restrictions60Green.webp60Green.webp60red.webp60Green.webp
44GDPR Compliance60Green.webp60Green.webp60Green.webp60Green.webp

API Access and Customization

46API for Custom Integrations60Green.webp60Green.webp60red.webp60Green.webp
48Advanced API Features60red.webp60Green.webp60red.webp60Green.webp

Additional Features

50Referral Programs60Green.webp60Green.webp60red.webp60Green.webp
51Leaderboard Competitions60Green.webp60Green.webp60red.webp60Green.webp
52Coupon Distribution60Green.webp60Green.webp60red.webp60Green.webp
53Reward Tiers60Green.webp60Green.webp60red.webp60Green.webp
54Integration with E-commerce Platforms60Green.webp60Green.webp60red.webp60Green.webp
55Customizable Entry Actions60Green.webp60Green.webp60red.webp60Green.webp
56NFT/Airdrop Giveaways60red.webp60Green.webp60red.webp60Green.webp
57Contest Judging and Voting60Green.webp60Green.webp60Green.webp60Green.webp
58File Uploads by Participants60red.webp60Green.webp60red.webp60Green.webp
59Team/Group Entries60red.webp60Green.webp60red.webp60Green.webp
60Live Draw/Result Announcement60red.webp60Green.webp60red.webp60Green.webp
61Quiz and Survey Integration60Green.webp60Green.webp60red.webp60Green.webp
62Custom Data Fields for Entries60Green.webp60Green.webp60red.webp60Green.webp