This is the about us section for the WordPress.Newcitizen.io,where we explain how we stand out among the many different WordPress focused blog.

About Us

In today’s online world, a straightforward search for the “best WordPress plugin for XYZ” or solutions to WordPress problems  often leads to a staggering amount  of results.

Regrettably, a significant portion of these are SEO-centric blogs and sources. They list numerous plugins, yet frequently lack substantive insights. Instead of clarifying, they often deepen the reader’s confusion.

Given the vast $550 Billion market that the WordPress ecosystem commands today, the prevailing ethos is unmistakable: many entities are driven more by profits than by genuinely serving readers. 

It’s concerning to see recommendations that are usually outdated, or favor subpar or ill-fitting solutions without delving into potential conflicts or drawbacks. Even more disconcerting is the omission of critical topics and discussions  purely for financial considerations.

We understand the challenges you face. We’ve navigated the same sea of information and felt the same frustration, even anger.

This understanding is what sets our blog apart.  At. WordPress.Newcitizen.io, we prioritize clarity over inundating our readers with a deluge of misguided suggestions.

For example, when recommending plugins, we spotlight a  list of three or at most, four exceptional choices in each category. These recommendations are backed by over a decade of firsthand experience.

Furthermore, we explore aspects of WordPress often overlooked by many. Topics like bolstering WordPress security or enhancing loading speeds are paramount to us, irrespective of their commercial appeal.

The concept of “trust” is pivotal, and we deeply recognize its significance. While we hope for your trust, we earnestly seek an opportunity to prove our worth. 

Both WordPress novices and veterans will discern the authenticity and expertise underpinning our guidance—a dedication to WordPress excellence, devoid of hidden affiliate marketing incentives. (As a matter of fact we have none) 

In an era dominated by the relentless pursuit of profit, our prime objective is to enlighten, guide, and empower you. We’re poised and eager for the privilege to earn your trust. By turning to our resources, you’re aligning with current, authentic, dependable, and invaluable WordPress insights.

Your WordPress journey, merits nothing short of excellence, and that’s the standard we’re committed to upholding. 

Thank You 🙏 😊 

The beginning of my WordPress Journey

If you’re wondering why I became so deeply passionate about WordPress, allow me to guide you down memory lane. Our journey begins approximately 12 years ago.

Imagine a young man in his early 30s, with limited knowledge of WordPress. Then, out of the blue, fate decided to play its cards and the curtains rose on an unexpected chapter of my life,

During this time, I crossed paths with a dynamic, spirited young woman who had big dreams of setting up her own ecommerce shop to sell women’s attire and swimwear.

Now, this wasn’t just any young woman. The kind whose vibrant energy and vision would inspire anyone, let alone a guy like me.

Now, imagine being in my shoes at that moment—a “typical male” confronted by such charisma. Could I have possibly stood by without offering my help?

The ensuing months saw me delving headfirst deep into the intricacies of the world of WordPress.  

What began as a casual interest rapidly transformed into expertise, honed over countless dedicated (and often sleepless) nights.

As for my friend’s ecommerce store, not only did it flourish, but it was also acquired by a much larger competitor just 14 months into the venture. And, stemming from this experience, let me tell you, I’m convinced I must have saved a kingdom and slain a dragon in a past life, because I was rewarded with both the “kingdom’s treasury” and the “Dragon’s hoard.”

So in conclusion, it’s funny how the combination of ambition, beauty, and a genuine need for help can turn a casual WordPress enthusiast into an advanced user.

If I can get here through such a delightful twist of fate, just imagine where your WordPress journey could take you!

Stay curious, stay motivated, and always remember: Sometimes, it’s the unexpected encounters that shape our destiny the most.