How To Rank On The First Page of Google Search

1. Creating a Multi-Language Site

If you are not translating your site in a different language, you are missing out on huge market potential. I cannot stress this enough: The United States is not the center of the world’s internet market. As a matter of fact, The North American internet market as a percentage of the entire worlds market is only around 6.9%.

In offering your site to international markets, go for the low hanging fruits. For example, the Spanish language is Huge. The Latin American internet market share is 9.6% of the world internet market.

Other languages to consider are French, Chinese, Arabic. All those languages mentioned have a internet market share greater than that of North American which includes the United States.

Translating your site the right way.

WordPress offers several language plugins that will translate your site for you in various languages. However this is the wrong approach. Two main problems with going with that route are:

1-Translation plugins including the use of Google Translate can never reach the accuracy level of that of a human. Machine translations, no matter how advanced they have become, will not give the content you are trying to convey since a lot of the content is lost in the translation.

You will need to go online and hire a freelancer from a site such as Upwork to translate your site in the desire language. Hiring freelancers that speak the native language of your target audience, gives you a competitive advantage since the few sites that offer multi lingual content use plugins that achieve results that are not authentic and not accurate.

2-Language plugins, have a significant impact on the performance of your site and you slow down your sites loading times.

 To translate your site in different languages the right way, you need to use the WordPress Multi-Site feature, and install your theme again on either a sub-domains or sub-directory for each language you want to offer your audience.

Please check out our video on installing WordPress Multi-site network.

In creating a Multi Lingual site, you will also need to tell Google about localized versions of your page. One method to do so is by modifying the Site Map.
Below we have posted a link to the article on how to modify your Site Map. The instructions are provided by Google.
The second link is to the Yoast Plug-in, which you will need since it will generate a Site Map for you. You will then have to modify it to include localizing versions of your page to an international audience.

2. Publish High-Quality Content

Content is King. Your content must contain useful information. Creating meaningless pages will never get you a spot in Google’s first 100 page results, let alone the top ten.

Creating high-quality content entails increasing the time spent on a website, lowering the bounce rate, and providing useful information to the user. Superior writing makes text simple to comprehend, makes points plain to the reader, and expresses concepts succinctly.

Expect readers to not always have the same level of familiarity with your subject as you do. Always ensure that any text in your audit is legible and understandable to the reader. Ascertain that your writing clearly describes each subject, each bullet point, and each headline.

If necessary, divide your essay into two, three, four, or more paragraphs. The use of keywords, the structure of the text, and the visuals should all contribute to this quality. Additionally, you must address the following area to boost your chances of ranking in Google’s Top 10 results.

Intention of Search

Understanding visitors’ search intent is critical when developing pages that generate organic traffic. To determine the purpose of your target searchers, you must delve into your Google Analytics account and examine what users are looking for.

Site Search and User Flow reports can help you determine what your clients are looking for.

Additionally, you can see the Search Analytics report using Google Search Console. This analysis will provide you with insight into the keywords visitors use to find your site.

Conduct Keyword Research

By conducting competition research and data analysis, you can identify keywords with a low search traffic but a high click-through rate for your target demographic. You must first determine your primary keywords and categorize them according to their relevance to your searcher.

3. Improve Your Website Design & Website Architecture

Search engines utilize dwell time as a metric to determine how long a visitor stayed on a page before hitting the back button to return to the search results. Creating a user experience that integrates well with your SEO strategy is critical if you want to rank well.

Architecture of the Website Site architecture is a component of the user experience that has a considerable impact on search engine optimization.

Not only does site architecture assist users in locating information through improved website navigation, but it can also assist search engine crawlers in locating additional pages on a website.

In a nutshell, your websites should be incredibly simple to navigate.

The most effective strategy to accomplish this goal is to select an attractive theme, that is why it is important to go with a Premium theme since their creators have the budgets to produce beautiful and well structured designs. Please visit our article on the fastest and most beautiful WordPress themes.

4. Install the Yoast Plug-in

Yoast SEO provides a plethora of tools and features for optimizing your SEO. Some of these capabilities have an effect on the overall SEO of your site, while others assist you in optimizing specific articles and pages for search engines.

By default, the plugin’s settings are quite sensible, and their configuration wizard also walks you through the steps necessary to configure your technical SEO settings correctly. Once complete, you’ll have an XML sitemap, a robots.txt file, and structured data at the site level using Schema. This may sound confusing, but the critical point is that the plugin will automatically ensure that Google can discover, read, and index your material. If you don’t want certain pieces of material to be discovered, you can also prohibit them from being indexed with a few clicks.

5. Make Your Site Mobile-Friendly

When it comes to mobile results, Google has claimed that responsive design enables its “algorithms to appropriately assign indexing properties to the page rather than signaling the existence of comparable desktop/mobile sites.”

Your mobile website is critical to your survival.

Choosing a mobile-friendly theme is one of the most critical steps you can take. This will assist your blog in ranking in the top ten results and ensure that your content is consistent on desktop and mobile.

6. Optimize for Page Speed

One of the most important things you can do help you rank higher with Google is having a site that loads extremely fast. Google penalizes slow loading sites and uses speed as an important signal in determining your page rank. Please check out our detailed article about How to speed up your site.

7. Create a Secure Website (HTTPS)

It is vital that your website utilizes HTTPS. Google considers HTTPS to be critical and severely penalizes sites that do not use it. To activate HTTPS on your site, contact your hosting provider; some of the better providers provide security certificates for free, while others demand a small fee to obtain one.

Websites  that do not have HTTPS enabled are frequently connected with unscrupulous practices and scammers; modern browsers may even display a warning message before allowing you to advance if you ever get on a site without HTTPS enabled.

Complete SEO Checklist

Although the focus of our blog is around WordPress, we realize that in order to be successful with your projects, you need great SEO. You do not have to waist time learning SEO fundamentals since we are sharing with you the complete SEO checklist. When combined with the above article, you will be in great position to rank high on Google and other search engines search results