List of The Best WordPress Social Wall Plugins

The main purpose of this social wall plugins is to stream and combine feeds of your different social networks and to beautifully display them in one place. 

 In addition, if you are an eCommerce store it is important to have reviews and social proof since research shows that over 70% of users will avoid your product if they are absent from you site. Social walls can also help you significantly increase user engagement since most of the population uses one or more different social networks.

We have researched and used many social walls over the years and have compiled a list of the top social walks to help you make an easy and informed decision., is a WordPress social walls plugin that brings content from multiple social networks together in one place. One of the available options is the ability to create It content using hashtags. You can generate social feeds from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, Tumblr, Spotify, LinkedIn, and other platforms using the plugin.

Filters and rules can be set up in to remove inappropriate material. In addition, with a click of a button, you can quickly moderate and delete any social content you don’t like. The plugin offers Infinite scrolling, for auto-approving user-generated content, and advanced analytics to monitor your feeds’ social media output. The plugin is also responsive and your feeds will look great on any device.

Feed Them Social

The Feed them Social plugin allows you to create and display responsive social feeds for your Facebook Pages, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube accounts while keeping visitors on your site. The plugin is very easy to install and set up. In addition, you can add as add as many social feeds as you need and have the ability to display social feeds on any post, page, or sidebar. With the free version, you can view your Facebook Page, Album Photos or Album Covers.

The plugin allows you to easily generate all the short-codes you need for any feed with the simple to use short-code generator. You can also customize the font colors. Feed them Social is also responsive, that means that the feed will look great on a device including mobile.

 Feed Them Social Add-ons

FTS Premium Add-on

Add more posts, Facebook Video Gallery, Facebook Grid Format, Instagram Videos, Load more button, YouTube Feed, and many more shortcode options are available.

Facebook Reviews Add-on

If you want to accept reviews from people on your Facebook Business page, this plugin is ideal. Show only your 5-star reviews, or choose which ratings to display, alter the text color, and more.

Facebook Carousels Add-on

This extension lets you show off your Facebook photos and videos in a Carousel or Slider format. You may alter the number of items displayed on the page at once, change the color scheme, add arrows, and more

FTS Bar Add-on

Display your social media accounts on the side of your website, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Choose which sites the bar appears on, modify the color scheme, add more posts, and add a popup for images and videos.

Flow Flow 4

Flow-Flow is a multipurpose social media wall plugin that lets you display a variety of social media feeds, in attractive responsive galleries and widgets. The way it works, is that in the Flow-Flow WordPress Social Stream admin area, you build copy short-codes that are generated, after that, you simply paste these short-codes into any block on any page of your website..

The lite version supports the four most popular social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Flow Flow Features :

  • Touch Devices and all screen sizes are supported
  • Advanced responsiveness options and a responsive layout
  • To improve user involvement, includes sharing buttons
  • Words, usernames, and URLs can be used to filter out posts
  • Grid card builder with drag-and-drop functionality

Pro Version

The pro version allows for a total of 14 networks including Google+, YouTube, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Soundcloud, Vine, Dribbble, Flickr and others + WordPress posts and RSS feeds

Pro Version Features

  • Additional stream patterns include boxed/justified galleries and a grid with a defined height
  • For Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube, a smart and stylish lightbox with comments. Infinite feed and a classic popup. Also available on mobile devices
  • System of pre-moderation and approval of posts
  • Feed filtration (include and exclude only by words, usernames, URLs)
  • For multi-image posts, use of lightbox galleries is available

Smash Balloon

Smash Balloon is a social wall plugin that allows you to upload feeds from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube to your wall. You can display as many feeds as you like on the same page or throughout your site, and each one can be customized using the simple customization system.

Using the pre-built options of Masonry, List, or Carousel, you can create the ideal layout for your content. You can also select to have your postings automatically filter out those that contain specified terms or hashtags, or only show those that contain specific authorized words, making it simple to share handpicked material. I should also add that this Social Wall plugin was built with mobile devices in mind from the start, so it looks amazing on any screen size and device.

 I do not recommend this social plugin for two main reasons. The first reason is that is only limited to 4 Social network, and does not include the option of adding other networks such as linked-in. The second reason, is if you are an individual or a small business, the annual cost of $ 249 might be to expense for small businesses and individuals to afford. gathers social posts from a variety of sources, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, Linkedin, онтактe (VKontakte), Flickr, Tumblr, Reddit, Vimeo, and others, and consolidates it into one spot.

It also enables your community to post images and content straight to your wall without the need for a social network platform. Furthermore, it is simple to customize in terms of style: you can select from a variety of themes and further customize backgrounds, fonts, tile colors, and even utilize CSS to make even more stunning design changes. also includes a strong spam detection algorithm that filters spam based on word analysis as well as image-based NSFW identification, ensuring that spammy posts do not end up in your social feed. In addition, you get advanced moderating features for both keywords and profiles, such as language filters and blacklist filters.

The social feed is mobile-friendly and fully adaptable. The social feed looks fantastic in any container width and on any screen size.