The Best WordPress Booking Plugins

Today, a significant number of our interactions with both small and large businesses require appointments. If you are a business owner of any size and need booking reservations for your customers, then this list is for you.

We have compiled a short list of the best WordPress booking plugins on the market to help you make an informed decision.

Before I begin discussing the list with you, I need to bring to your attention, that when I searched Google just to see if my recommendations are in line with what others also recommend, I came across several top-ranking sites that recommended a once popular plugin called BirchPress. I just need to warn you that although you can still buy it, this plugin is no longer supported but its developers. They have not added additional functionality to it in a couple of years. In addition, they still have not addressed a security risk with the plugin that was discovered a while back. Also all support questions to the company have been going unanswered for the longest time now.

List of The Best WordPress Booking Plugins

WooCommerce Bookings

WooCommerce is the go-to plugin for creating an online store with WordPress. The WooCommerce plugin is free and may be used in conjunction with thousands of other plugins to offer whatever functionality you require.

WooCommerce Bookings is one of these extensions, a premium solution that allows you to provide bookings based on dates or times while also allowing you to open it up for any time or date.

 What makes WooCommerce Bookings so powerful is the flexibility to take appointments for free or to allow payment processing.

 You may set a limit on how many people can book or provide discounts for a particular number of reservations. You also have numerous choices for approving new bookings and controlling when they become available to users. Descriptions, price, titles, and a calendar are among the fields available.

 For further functionality, you may interface with other WooCommerce extensions. Adding extra fields to your form, for example, necessitates the Product Add-Ons extension.

 WooCommerce Bookings is probably the best option if you already have a website that uses the WooCommerce plugin. For WordPress newbies, it’s also a clean and straightforward addon. You may keep the default layout, which is contemporary and attractive, or alter it with CSS.

Additional Features :

  • Bookings may be managed and updated using a WordPress dashboard that can be filtered.
  • Creating special offers for a small number of reservations Putting a limit on how many individuals may schedule appointments
  • Approve, deny, and keep track of when reservations are made accessible to clients.
  • WooCommerce, one of the most popular e-commerce plugins, is seamlessly integrated, allowing you to manage everything from the same admin interface.
  • It may be used with other WooCommerce extensions to provide more functionality. With the Product Add-Ons extension, for example, new fields may be added to the booking form.
  • Provide discounted rates for groups, days, or individuals.
  • Show availability in the time zone of the consumer
  • Allow your consumers to make their own bookings, appointments, or rentals.
  • Manage your calendar the way you want it to be managed, including syncing with Google Calendar.
  • Block time off as un-bookable and create buffers between bookings
  • Take a deposit for a reservation with Deposits.
  • Power up reminder emails with Follow-Ups
  • Allow service providers to submit and manage offerings themselves using Product Vendors

I would recommend the WooCommerce Bookings plugin for those businesses and entities that are already leveraging the WooCommerce Plugin. 


The Amelia plugin is simple to use but is very powerful when it comes to booking. It features a clean, modern design on both the back-end and the front-end. Furthermore, it is customizable, allowing you to choose the front-end elements’ colors and fonts to fit your WordPress theme and corporate brand design, all with the easy usage of short code. It also offers includes SMS notifications so you can stay in touch with clients and staff right away, as well as it offering Google and Outlook calendar synchronization.

The native Amelia WooCommerce integration plugin can handle all of your payments, taxes, and invoices, and it includes support for Paypal, Stripe, and Mollie Payments, as well as it offering a single database of all payments so you can monitor each payment’s status (finalized or pending).

Amelia is also flexible, allowing you to add more employees with specific working hours and days off, as well as support for special days and non-recurring calendars. You also have the option of setting up Recurring appointments

Additional Features :

  • Native Zoom integration-You can link your Zoom account to Amelia with only a few clicks. Customers may now schedule appointments and events online and receive a link to them in their notifications. This integration will help you save time and cut down on no-shows.
  • Google Meet Integration-Allow your clients to book online virtual meetings and events while receiving fast confirmation and access links via Google meet notifications.

  • List itemEvents-Create one-time or recurring events such as conferences, courses, meetings, concerts, and more
  • Event Calendar View-With a shortcode, you may display events in a clean, modern, completely responsive calendar on any page of your website. When people click on an event, a pop-up window with details, a schedule, and photographs will appear, and they will be able to book it right away.

  • Search interface for bookings-By selecting one or more filter criteria, a user-friendly search interface may be used to find an appropriate service, employee, and time.
  • Step-by-step booking wizard-An alternate method of booking appointments in which each step involves selecting one parameter (service, employee, or date).
  • Manage multiple employees & Manage multiple locations-If you have many company locations, Amelia can help you manage them all by saving contact information, addresses, and geolocation. Maintain employee contact information in a WordPress database, regulate individual load and performance, and set personal working hours and vacation days.
  • Configure the minimum time necessary before booking and before canceling + Configure the timeframes for reservations and cancellations based on your business.
  • Set the company’s worldwide working hours, breaks, and vacation days-Enter your usual business hours, non-working days, and bank holidays, and each new employee’s schedule will be set by default, which you may change afterwards.
  • Support for multiple services and service categories-No matter how many different services do you provide, you can add all of them to Amelia, configuring individual duration, price, and other parameters.
  • Buffer time before and after service-Configure buffer time, required before and after the service, if the employees need some preparation before, or clean-up after an appointment.

  • Support for Service Extras-Configure extra services, or special treatments provided additionally with a service, which can optionally Multiple services and service categories are supported.
  • You may add as many different services as you like to Amelia, each with its own time, pricing, and other criteria to configure.
  • Appointments may be made from the backend- If your clients make bookings over the phone, you may rapidly enter them into the database using the admin panel. In addition you may establish a new WordPress user account for the customer while creating a new appointment, so he can book with it later.
  • GDPR-Compatible -In accordance with GDPR, Amelia does not save any customer data. Your customers may view, manage, and remove their personal data at any moment via the Amelia Customer Panel.
  • Employee Panel- Allow your workers to manage their reservations directly from the front-end page of your website, without having to log into the WordPress dashboard. Employees may log in and manage their appointments and events, as well as their schedule, working hours, vacation days, and special days. Employees have control over both the pricing and the capacity of their services.


The Bookly plugin is among the most modern-looking plugin. On both the backend and frontend, it has a clean design, and you may adjust many aspects of the booking form without knowing any code.

Both admins and customers have numerous views. In addition, Bookly offers a feature that allows you to establish an unlimited number of staff members, each with their own cost and availability.n It also has a comprehensive admin section for scheduling and controlling features.

Customers may access and amend their reservations information as well as cancel them online. From the Bookly back-end, you can create and send several sorts of customizable email/SMS notifications to your customers and employees.

The plugin allows you to choose between automated and manual booking approval. You can also set a default state for new bookings, such as pending or authorized. Admins can also define minimum cancellation and booking notification periods. Additionally, both the customer and the staff/admin can cancel with a single click. Bookly also has a partnership with Zoom and Google where you can schedule video conferencing meetings.

Additional Features :

  • Set scheduling restrictions to indicate how far in the future clients may schedule appointments by defining the number of days available for booking.
  • Allow employees to maintain their personal profiles and calendars
  • Color-coding services can help you keep track of appointments on your calendar
  • Advanced service management capabilities allows you to build specific settings for any service your organization offers.
  • Collect more information from your clients, by adding unique questions to your booking form.
  • To increase sales, create and manage promo codes.
  • Allow consumers to schedule appointments in groups.
  • Allow customers to book additional services with their services.
  • Integration with Google Calenda
  • Integration with WooCommerce and payements
  • Accept deposit payments-Establish a deposit amount that must be paid at the time of reservation
  • Allow employees to access and manage their reservations, personal information, and services directly from your website.
  • Send individualized, automatically produced bills to your clients for each appointment booked on your website using automated invoicing.
  • Set up and maintain tax rates, integrate them in service pricing, and use Google Maps to automate tax computations. Service of autocomplete -To save time, automatically fill up the address box in a booking form.
  • Offer conditional discounts based on the size of the group and the number of bookings

MotoPress Hotel Booking

Hotel Booking was created for hotel and vacation rental owners, B&B hosts, real estate agents, and anybody in the hospitality business that works in the accommodation sector.

The MotoPress Hotel Booking system is a robust reservation system that allows you to take online reservations, create real-time availability calendars for each property, process online payments, and automatically sync booking calendars with prominent vendors, among other things.

You can list and describe your lodgings or rooms, as well as add optional service packages or facilities that will be available for reservation. The plugin also allows you to set flexible price rates such as seasonal prices or refundable/non-refundable rates, weekly or monthly rates, and variable pricing (where the price changes depending on the duration of stay or the number of visitors).

MotoPress Hotel Booking allows site admins to monitor incoming reservations on the back end and select a preferred confirmation mode: admins can either manually confirm bookings or require visitors to confirm their reservations through email or payment. PayPal, 2Checkout, Stripe, Braintree, Beanstream, and Pay on Arrival are all options.

Additional Features :

  • Two-way iCal auto synchronization with external booking platforms to exchange booking calendar data and avoid overbookings
  • Email notifications with booking details, booking confirmation/cancellation notes and other important messages for both admin and guests
  • Creating discount coupons with monetary value or percent-off ones
  • Free Elementor WordPress hotel template
  • It can manage an endless number of properties, rooms in a hotel, or bedspace in a hostel) while still being readily optimized for a single property (a villa, an apartment, etc.).
  • Description, photo gallery, amenities, services, a view, bed kinds, maximum occupancy, property size, and more are all structured into the property data
  • A form for searching for availability in real time. Inventory control: if a property is booked, it becomes unavailable for bookings automatically, with no need for manual intervention
  • Rates (price) have an unlimited number of variants based on any desired term (season): special times (Christmas, weddings), weekends, daily or weekly rates, and so on
  • Description, photo gallery, amenities, services, a view, bed kinds, maximum occupancy, property size, and more are all structured into the property data.
  • A form for searching for availability in real time. Inventory control: if a property is booked, it becomes unavailable for bookings automatically, with no need for manual intervention
  • Rates (price) have an unlimited number of variants based on any desired term (season): special times (Christmas, weddings), weekends, daily or weekly rates, and so on.
  • Coupons for promotions or loyal customers (can be based on many custom rules
  • Information on taxes and fees: required fees, accommodation taxes, service taxes, and fee taxes can all be added to the lodging charge.
  • Setup the system with shortcodes, widgets, and blocks.
  • Block all or particular lodgings for a specific length of time (maintenance, special events).
  • There are three ways to confirm a booking: manually by the admin; through email by the client; and automatically following a payment (online payments or after arrival).
  • • PayPal and  WooCommerce payment gateways are available with the Payments premium addition.
  • Online payments can be made in full or in installments (fixed or percentage).

WordPress Appointment Booking Plugin by MotoPress

This WordPress appointments plugin is optimized for quick and easy online reservations for all sorts of appointment-based businesses, including:

  • Barbershops, hairdressers, and beauty salons
  • Tutoring businesses and online classe
  • Healthcare & medical centers
  • Sports institutions, and fitness instructors

With the WordPress Appointment Booking Plugin, it’s a straightforward step-by-step process when a client selects a service, a staff member, then a date and submits a booking, not leaving the same page! A sleek, mobile-optimized booking form design delivers truly user-friendly and quick experiences for users on any device.

You can use drag and drop to add appointment forms, employee profiles, service listings, and any other material provided by the Appointment booking plugin to the visual interfaces, allowing for short code-free customization.

In addition, you can centralize all WordPress appointments in your dashboard – you can view all incoming bookings with the details, such as total cost, details of booked services (e.g. location, employee, date, time, the number of clients, etc.), and the status (whether a booking is confirmed or not).

The MotoPress Appointment Booking plugin also integrated with the most used WordPress builders: the native block editor (Gutenberg), Elementor, and Divi.

The Plugin, gives you the ability to manually edit personal customer info, change a booking status and update a total service cost. Appointments can be confirmed automatically upon booking submission, or you may opt for requesting clients to pay online.

Moreover, you may check all incoming reservations with data, such as total cost, specifics of booked services (e.g. location, employee, day, time, number of clients, etc.) and the status, in your dashboard (whether a booking is confirmed or not).

With the help of its scheduling plugin, you may accept payments on your site using PayPal, Stripe, Direct Bank Transfer, or enable customers to pay as they arrive. You may also take payments with Bancontact, iDEAL, Giropay, SEPA Direct Debit, and Stripe.

Additional Features :

  • Create services that may be booked for any length of time.
  • Add buffer periods to your schedule to allow for additional time before and after your appointments. Change the service capacity to allow a client to bring additional persons.
  • Make a database of employees and a timetable for them. Employee Scheduling Options: Individual employee calendars including Lock Out Hours, Breaks, and Holidays. Add your workers’ photographs and talents, then allocate different services to the appropriate staff members
  • Allow customers to make reservations straight on your website! They’ll view open slots and book them as soon as possible, with the option of selecting  their favorite service provide
  • Allow customers to schedule several appointments without having to go through the same booking process many times.
  • Admins, workers, and other team members may quickly and simply check all previous and future appointments in their current statuses thanks to the built-in appointment booking calendar.

  • Clients can schedule appointments for a group. For example, you may book a yoga session or an escape room for a group of individuals at the same time.
  • You have complete control over capacity settings in the WordPress scheduler plugin, including defining the maximum number of individuals who may attend a single appointment and multiplying the service fee by the number of participants.
  • Bookings get immediate email alerts, as well as automatic changes in booking status.