Best Customize My Account Page WooCommerce Plugins

The WooCommerce My Account Page is one of the most important and visited pages within WooCommerce. It holds important information for your customers such as orders, their address, payment methods, account details, and other endpoints.

Since the My Account Page is such an important information hub, store owners might want to add new custom my account endpoints to showcase other information and customize the look and feel of the My Account page.

In addition, when the My Account Page is one of the most required features that e-commerce store owners request for.

The beauty of WordPress is by leveraging CSS, users can modify the Account Page in any way the desire. However, this article focuses on the best ways you can customize the My Account Page without using any code and purely through the use of plugins.

List Of The Best Customize My Account Page Plugins

1. YITH WooCommerce Customize My Account Page

YITH WooCommerce Customize My Account Page is one of the popular WooCommerce my account page customization plugin. It allows for editing labels, content and even permits position default WooCommerce sections. Also, it allows uploading downloadable files, video tutorials, news notifications, etc.

With this Customize My Account page WooCommerce plugin, you can add or create the complete information you need on the account page with it. Moreover, it can display the most viewed areas to the users to pursue more purchases.

Key Features

  • Ability to select the layout of the “My Account” Page
  • Sorting and adding menu items choices
  • Display dynamic material in the dashboard by utilizing banners.
  • Add an unlimited number of menu entries to the My Account page, all of which will be accessible to your users, and customize their content such as adding instruction manuals, coupons, surveys, downloadable files, vides, and etc
  • Promote products and display messages about promotions and discount codes directly from the My Account page
  • Create sections with password-protected material that are only exposed to certain user roles
  • Select and change the My Account page’s layout to make it more functional and modern;
  • Possibility of editing the default WooCommerce sections’ endpoints, such as their label, content, and location (Dashboard, Orders, etc.)
  • Allow users to upload their own customized profile images

Price $59.99

2. WooCommerce Account Pages

WooCommerce Account Pages, is of the better plugins on the market to customize the “My Account” pages and add new tabs. If you are trying to achieve a unique account page look and feel then this plugin is the right choice for you.

Using this plugin, you can add your custom content to the My Account Area, and it also allows you to add a FAQ section, videos, image galleries, user guides, contact forms, etc.

This plugin is fully compatible with Gutenberg making it very easy to manage the My Account Page. By leveraging the WordPress Gutenberg editor it become so easy to customize the “My Account” Page in any way you can image.

Key Features:

  • Allows for the addition of new tabs and pages
  • Interface that is simple to use
  • Shortcodes compatible
  • WPML and translation capabilities are included
  • Amazing documentation and excellent customer support

Price: $49

3. Customize My Account for WooCommerce

Customize My Account Page for WooCommerce is one of the official extensions of the woocommerce website  to help you edit the WooCommerce My Account page.

You can create a very good looking and professional “My Account” pages, since It also allows you to customize the Account dashboard tabs, buttons, links, fonts, avatar, font size, color, background color , image, border, padding etc, to match your site’s style.

You do not need to know how to code or use any CSS to make the desired modifications.

Key Features

  • Live preview customization panel
  • Add, remove, and reorder My Account Dashboard endpoints (tabs), links, and groups
  • Allow any particular user roles to have access to specific endpoints
  • Customize the account page’s appearance and feel with a powerful customization panel that includes a live editing preview
  • You may choose the font, font size, color, background color and image, border, padding, and margin, among other things
  • You may also include your own custom CSS code

Currently, this extension is compatible with the following plugins:

  • WooCommerce Bookings
  • WooCommerce Subscription Downloads
  • WooCommerce Subscriptions
  • WooCommerce Memberships by SkyVerge

In addition you can above can manually make other plugins compatible with this one through the use of CSS

Price: $49

4. Customize My Account

Customize My Account Page, is actually and extension to the “User Registration” plugin, which is probably the best plugin on the market that allows you to make changes to your customers or Users Registration form.

This Custom My Account Page extension plugin is lightweight and integrates perfectly with WooCommerce. It’s very well documented, and you can even find tutorials on how to use it online.

  • Display the ‘My Accounts’ tabs horizontally or vertically
  • Allows editing to the My Account Tab Settings
  • Add Additional Tabs through the use of drag and drop
  • Billing and Shipping fields synced with WooCommerce
  • Spam protected

Price: $149 (Price includes several other add-ons for User Registration.)

5. My Account Page Editor

My Account Page Editor, is a WooCommerce extension that enables you to customize your customers’ My Account Page. You will  be able to add and remove pages from the customer’s account and enter entirely custom content. It comes with an editor that resembles the WordPress editor so it will be familiar to use, and easy to pick up if you are new to the World of WordPress.

It allows to hide default endpoints to make the “My Account Page” look more modern. In addition, it allows you to manage the account endpoints without the use of any code.

Key Features:

  • Add multiple endpoints (tabs/menu items) to my account page
  • Add links, pages, or content using their WYSIWYG editor
  • Option to add group dependable endpoints
  • Edit or remove default endpoints
  • Drag & drop to sort/re-order endpoints
  • Customize endpoints
  • Restrict endpoints by user roles
  • Multiple built-in icons to attach with endpoints
  • Customize text, background, and hover color.
  • Allow customers to add a profile picture to the my account page

Price: $49