About Us :

WordPress.NewCitizen.io is a blog about all things WordPress.

Our goal is to provide easy to read content, that helps you understand various aspects of the WordPress platform, plus what you can build with it.

Every Sunday, you can expect new WordPress tutorials, how to do guides, tips and tricks lists, comparison posts, and highly researched pieces that will help you get what you need out of WordPress, to be successful and excel at what you do.

Why We Started This Blog :

When I started my WordPress Journey over a decade ago, I came to realize that a lot of the WordPress blogs out there, were purely motivated by the profit factor. I came across a lot of misinformation and bad advice about themes and Plugins that were being pushed purely for the purposes of affiliate marketing profits.

Well, this blog is different, although we eventually would like to fund our blog with affiliate links, we will never recommend themes and plugins that are not the best. The only plugins and themes that we will review are those which we have personally used and those which are the best at what they do. 

We will not deceive our readers by pushing plugins that cost money, while ignoring the even better ones that are for free.

For Profit plugins which we recommend, we will clearly state where you need to be careful, since with the hyper-commercialization of the WordPress platform. A significant amount of today’s premier plugins, offer the same services as others. We will tell you, where you can save money, and where you need to be extremely careful, because having the same functionalities turned on by different plugins can have a detrimental effect on your site and its performance.

In addition for the themes we recommend, we will only include those that we have  personally used for projects and are the best looking, most customizable and have the fastest loading speeds.

You will only see the best quality resourceful WordPress articles, based on in-depth research and personal user experience.