A List of The Best WordPress & WooCommerce Social Login Plugins

According to online consumer research, almost 77 percent of users prefer social login when utilizing e-commerce & online sites. Allowing users to check in with their social media accounts increases conversion rates, sales, and user engagement.

Customers prefer to use social login instead of filling out a new registration form for each site they visit for two reasons.

1) Security: Social Login prevents individuals from handing out their username and password to websites that may not be secure. The largest social networks have the means and manpower to safeguard their networks, and have spent hundreds of millions of dollars doing so over the years.

2) Convenience: For end users, having to create a new login and password for yet another site, is a pain point and a source of friction. Today, a large number of consumers and end users are suffering from registration fatigue. because new registrations are time consuming and Users don’t want to deal with the hassle and are unwilling to remember another set of login credentials.

Business and Site owners, lose a tremendous amount of potential customers and conversions when they don’t offer a Social log in option on their sites.

All the WordPress Social Logins plugins mentioned in this article offer WooCommerce compatibility, however the WooCommerce Social Login feature is not an Island by itself. Let me explain:

In WordPress certain plugins when used with others, results in a conflict that will break your site.

Site owners need to be aware that 1) Social Login, 2) Customize My Account & 3) User Registration plugins, if, and when each functionality is implemented by a different plugin vendor and used together, will create a conflict and break your site.

However, there is no need for concern. The plugins we will discuss in this article, provide users with all 3 functionalities. This is achieved because they are offered by the same vendors, and through the use of add-ons or additional plugins, and are engineered to work together.

Best Social Login Plugins for WooCommerce

User Registration

User Registration Plugin, which is one of the best plugins for customizing the User Registration page has a Social Connect add-on. It allows you to make your users register to your site with social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or LinkedIn.

If a user chooses to log in using their social profiles, they will be automatically registered on your site if they haven’t already done so. Additionally, while logging in via social networks, you have the choice to enable or disable the auto-registration feature (if the user does not exist).

The User Registration Plugin also includes a WooCommerce “Customize My Account” add-on that works in tandem with the other two add-ons.

Furthermore, the User Registration plugin, is probably the best plugin you will find on the market which allows you to create any User Registration form you can image. It is very powerful and there is no limit to how you can customize how users register and log in to your site.

YITH Social Login

The YITH Social Login plugin, allows log in to your site using up to 11 different social networking accounts.You can use short codes and widgets, that make it possible to place the social media buttons wherever you want them. You can also change the order of the social media buttons.

Additionally, YITH Social Login allows you to create a redirect to one of WooCommerce’s pages or to customized URL.

Users will also find a list of all connections on the “My account” page, as well as the possibility to log in with other providers, and even cancel the connection to one of the accessible social networks.

YITH also offers one of the best “Customize My Account” plugins which works seamlessly with the YITH Social Login plugin. (See our article on the best “Customize My Account” Plugins.)

For those site owners, that want a different registration, YITH also offers the “YITH Easy Login & Register Popup for WooCommerce” plugin. However, please keep in mind, for this particular plugin , it is limited to only logging in with Facebook and Google.

The Best Social Login Plugins For WordPress

Nextend Social Login

Nextend Social Login is a free WordPress plugin that is professional and easy to use. It works in tandem with your current WordPress login and registration forms.

Instead of wasting significant time filling out the normal registration form, it allows your users to register and login to your site using their social profiles (Facebook, Google, Twitter, etc.)

Additional Features :

  • Registration and login with Facebook, Google, and Twitter are all done with a single click.
  • Your current users may quickly link their accounts to their Facebook, Google, or Twitter profiles.
  • Every account can be accessed with or without a social account because social accounts are linked to a WordPress user account.
  • After registering (and logging in for the first time), you can set a custom redirect URL for any of your social profiles
  • After each login with any of the enabled social accounts, you can provide a custom redirect URL.
  • Show your Facebook, Google, or Twitter profile picture as and Avatar.
  • Shortcodes and a login widget
  • Designs that can be customized to fit your website

Pro Features:

  • Compatibility with WooCommerce, BuddyPress, UserPro compatibility, Ultimate Member & Easy Digital Downloads.
  • The Pro version offers the following additional Social Networks: LinkedIn, Amazon, VKontakte, WordPress.com, Yahoo, PayPal, Disqus, Apple, GitHub, Microsoft, Line, Discord, Slack, TikTok and others
  • Set whether or not each provider should ask for an email address when registering.
  • Set whether or not each provider should ask for a username when registering.
  • Allow just certain user roles to use social logins. (You can assign different roles to different providers.)

Social Login

Social Login by miniorange allows social login, social share & commenting using widely used apps like Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Twitter, Apple, Discord, Twitch, Line, Wechat, 40 other apps available.

The plugin allows for Flexible display where you can Display Social login icons anywhere on your websites. It also allows you to enable/disable user registration.

It also offers User Redirection where you can Redirect your audience to pages you desire after any user logs in or logs out. You can also assign user roles to users on registration through social login. Furthermore, Emails are sent to admin when a user registers with any social login application.

Two nice features you get with this plugin include Social Share as well as Social Comments, usually you need a separate plugin for that functionality but this plugin offers it in addition to the Social Login feature.

Social Login Paid Features

  • 40+ Social Login Providers – Choose from 40+ applications (Facebook Login, Google Login, Discord Login etc.) for social login and user registration. Many social network providers added continuously.
  • One-click activation – For Login with Discord, Apple, Facebook, Google, Amazon, Vkontakte, LinkedIn, Windows Live (Microsoft login), WordPress, Yahoo, Salesforce, Stackoverflow, Mailchimp, Strava etc
  • Social Login Integrations – Social login icons on WooCommerce pages, BuddyPress pages, Paid Memberships Pro pages, MemberPress pages, Ultimate Member pages.
  • GDPR Compliance
  • Domain Restriction – Authorize select users by allowing or restricting users signing in or registering from specific domains e.g. ‘facebook.com’ or ‘gmail.com’.
  • Recaptcha – Enable Recaptcha and ensure the safety of your website.
  • User Moderation – Approve users registering through social login.
  • Assign user roles – Assign WordPress roles to users on registration through social login.
  • Profile completion (username, email) – Prompt users for email-id & username if social login app doesn’t return it. Verify Emails using verification code.
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