A List of The Best WordPress Social Commenting Plugins/Systems

Even since the beginning of blogging, the ability for an audience to comment on a site or blog has always been an integral part of the whole experience . An engaging commenting section is critical for the success of most blogs and websites.

Below are the areas that tell us the reasons why commenting makes blogs successful.

  • 1. Engagement–Since most blogs are targeted for an audience, comments make it so much easier to interact with your readers and visitors. On many occasions readers in the comment sections contribute very meaningful information to further elaborate on the key points of the article.
    Other times, readers propose different ideas on the same topic, which makes comments even more engaging.
  • 2. Response- The most important feedback, bloggers usually receive, is through the comments sections, visitors are never shy to let the blog owner know, what content they like, what they deem to be helpful and what are the things they dislike about any article. All those metrics are very important in helping the blogger make the right adjustments and produce even more meaningful content.
  • 3. Content Ideas – Lets face it, most blog owners find it a challenge to constantly come up with fresh content. The value that the commenting sections provide is that it becomes an excellent choice to pick up on the topics of your next article.
    Your audience and readers will become your best source of ideas and inspiration on the topics you should cover next. On many occasions bloggers will be asked to expand on a particular topic which will also help you to update your articles and keep them fresh, relevant, and informative.
  • 4. SEO – When users are highly engaged on your blog or site, this metric is used by search engines as a signal indicating that your content is popular which will in return give you a higher search ranking. Not only that, but you can also benefit from the back links that users create to link back to your site. Back-links are one of the strongest signal indicators, this will translate in higher search ranking as well.
    But we should also warn you. You should manually moderate the comments that appear on your website, either by approving them first prior to them being posted or through other means. By failing to moderate, you will be guaranteed that Spam and hate speech will populate your comments section which will have tremendous negative consequences on your SEO.
In the above section, we have discussed the value that comments section have on your blog. To be fair, we will also list the disadvantages of leveraging a commenting system
  • 1. Spam – This will come as a surprise to a lot of you, but the instant you turn on your comments system, you will be flooded with all sorts of junk and advertisements and sometimes even malicious links. Most often those comments will originate from automated bots and not be composed by humans.

  • 2. Moderation – Even with the best spam blockers that you deploy, some junk messages will still make it to your site. Not only is it challenging to run your blog and consistently produce great content, you will also need to spend a good amount of time moderating your comments. This activity is time consuming and you should be aware of it to budget some time for it.
  • 3. Hate Speech & Obscenities – It is the dark side of human nature, but the internet is a breeding ground for trolls, and it tends to bring out the worst in human nature. As a blogger you will need to learn to take things with a grain of sault and not allow ther haters in the world to bring you down by some of the content they post.

The Best WordPress Social Commenting Plugins

1. WordPress Native Commenting Feature

The WordPress native commenting system is a part of WordPress. It does not require additional installation like the other plugins on this list. It is fairly easy and simple to use and offers an clean and modern interface.

Let us go over the Pros and Cons of the WordPress native commenting system.

  • It’s really simple for bad actors to generate a flood of spammy and low-quality comments on this system.
  • WordPress comments require approval before they are published. As a result, you must constantly monitor your blog’s comment stream, approving the excellent and deleting the negative.
  • There is no social media integration available.
  • Fails to offer any of the advanced features that other Commenting plugins make use off.
  • Comments on WordPress can be controlled.
  • Has a Clean and Modern Interface
  • It’s absolutely free, and you won’t see any advertisements..

The default WordPress form is functional but lacks many advanced features. Functionality such as Up-voting & Down-voting of comments are not available, it also lacks in other areas that make engagements so much more positive. I recommend that you select any of the other plugins from the below list. (Except the Disqus plugin)

2. Disqus

Disqus is the web’s most popular commenting system trusted by millions of publishers to increase reader engagement, grow audience and traffic, and monetize content. Disqus helps publishers of all sizes engage directly with their audiences to build loyalty, retain readers, and foster thriving communities. Users also have unmatched customer service experience where they can Consult the Knowledge Base for answers to frequently asked troubleshooting questions. In addition they can reach out to the support community, to discuss Discus, or to determine whether their concern has already been addressed.

(However, please note DISQUS has not be updated for almost a year and has not been tested with several of the latest WordPress updates. In addition, the free version is now saturated with ads and most often, the ads are very intrusive and not proper in nature. Even for the paid version, which is expensive to begin with, support has been non existent also for almost a year. When you search google for the best WordPress commenting systems, you will still see Disqus listed as a top choice, but please ignore these posts because most often they are written for the sole purpose of Affiliate Marketing and are not written by WordPress experts but written by those that are good at gaming the SEO rankings.

Why to choose Discuss

  • Simple one-click installation that integrates perfectly with WordPress without requiring you to alter a single line of code or deleting any existing comments. List item
  • Reintroduce users to your site with online and email notifications, as well as customized digests.
  • Enhance your SEO ranking with user-generated content Keep spam at bay with our industry-leading anti-spam filter powered by Akismet
  • A single profile for commenting on over 4 million websites, including support for social login via Facebook, Twitter, or Google.

Discuss Advantages

  • Disqus loads asynchronously and utilizes advanced caching to ensure that Disqus does not adversely influence the performance of your website
  • Possibilities for income growth through monetization
  • You can always migrate to another Commenting Platform by Export comments to a WordPress-compatible XML file for backup or migration
  • Dashboard analytics for tracking overall site interaction st item
  • Design that is responsive to mobile devices

3. WPDiscuz

WPDiscuz has lately cemented its lead as one of the top go to plugins for Commenting. It is completely free, yet it offers almost a dozen premium addons that can be bundled into one significantly discounted package.

WPDiscuz is an AJAX-based real-time commenting system with customizable comment forms and fields. It is designed to boost the performance of WordPress’s native comments. It features a clean, straightforward, and basic user interface and user experience. It comes with three attractive and modern comment styles and is extremely fast and responsive, boasting a slew of features. If you wish to store your comments in your database, this is the ideal option to Disqus and Jetpack Comments. This plugin enhances your website’s commenting experience and adds new options for user participation. It’s been completely redesigned with brand new inventive features that breathe new life into your website. It makes use of the WordPress comment system, which includes all management tools and features.

Why Choose WPDiscuz

  • Inline commenting and feedback. Commenting on post content.
  • Notifications in Real Time with an Updating Comment Bubble.
  • Post a review. Allows for direct ranking of postings via rating stars
  • On posts and other sorts of material, commenting can be enabled or disabled.
  • Sorting the comment list by newest, oldest, and most popular comments
  • Anonymous remarks ( name and email can be set as not required
  • Complete integration with plugins for Social Network Login (Facebook, Twitter
  • Multiple-level (nested) comment threads, with an option to set the maximum depth of the threads
  • Allows for the creation of new discussion threads and the response to existing one
  • Both logged-in users and guests have the ability to edit their comments (time-frame can be limited by admin)
  • Automatic conversion of URLs to links in comment texts and automatic conversion of image source URLs to image (HTML) in comment texts
  • Integration with Postmatic enables subscriptions and email-based commenting
  • Secure and anti-spam features prevent spammers from leaving comments.
  • Voting with a good and negative outcome
  • Options for sharing the post include Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.
  • Only parent comments will be displayed with the view replies (x) button.
  • Built in Caching system for comments as well as integrated Gravatar caching

4. JetPack Commenting

Jetpack is one of the most successful WordPress plugin s with over five million installations. It offers several services such as secure logins, malware scanning, site backups, site optimization and CRM Solutions. .

One feature that is often overlooked is Jetpack Comments. The module adds social media logins for commenters together with email updates for comments and your website. The comment formatting is sleek and easy to understand, with a box for writing the comment and a form to fill in personal information, website vistors can also choose to receive email updates about new comments and blog posts

Because this is an all in one plugin, there is no need to clog your website with additional plugins.

Why Choose JetPack

  • Your users are not limited to creating a new username and password in order to access the comment system. The Jetpack comments section includes a section for logging in using previously formed social media accounts
  • While many of Jetpack’s features require payment, the comment module is free. Simply enable them in the settings.
  • You’re not only getting a WordPress comment system; you’re also getting a big array of features for social sharing, design, and security
  • Some customization options are available, such as the ability to choose between color schemes.
  • Gravatars are supported
  • Akismet the anti spam plugin is also owned by Automattic, so you can rest easy knowing that the two integrate just fine.

5. Super Socializer Plugin

The Super Socializer Plugin is GDPR Compliant and Compatible with Gutenberg editor, users can Social Share from around 100 social networks. The plugin is Mobile responsive, so it looks great on any device. Admins can Auto-approve comments made by users logged in using Social Login. The Plugin is also and is Multi-Site compatible.

Super Socializer allows you to integrate Social Login, Social Share, and Social Comments into your website in the simplest and most straightforward manner imaginable.

The Benefits of Social Login and Allowing users to sign in to your website using their existing social network IDs.

Rapid registration/login: When people check in using social media, they are not required to type anything (most of the users are already logged into their social accounts). It aids in increasing your blog’s signup/login rate.

User Profile Data: Your blog’s database will save user profile data. Additionally, this data includes users’ email addresses, which enables you to communicate with them.

Due to the fact that social networks identify users and often prohibit multiple accounts, the possibility of fraudulent identities and spammers decreases.

Higher User Traffic: When users share material on social media, it reaches a larger audience, resulting in increased user traffic to your website.

SEO Optimization: Social sharing enables your website’s content to be indexed more quickly and enhances other criteria that contribute to your blog’s search engine optimization.

Virality: When visitors leave comments on your blog using their Facebook or Disqus accounts, the comment appears not only on your site, but also in their news feed. This exposes your blog to a new audience, which increases the possibility of a new returning visitor.

Higher Conversations: When you know the person commenting on anything, you are more inclined to type out your thoughts there as well, as opposed to when you don’t know the person.

Credibility: In the old comment form, anyone can leave a comment on your blog using any fictitious identity . If the same comment is made from the user’s original Facebook account, you can lend credibility to this individual, and people will naturally trust it.

No Spam: You can eliminate spammers and users who remark using false identities.

Works for the slothful: Nowadays, the majority of individuals are slothful. To get these individuals to leave comments on your site, they will only need to log into their Facebook account (which almost everyone does after powering ON computer).

Why Choose Super Socializer

  • It is a completely free plugin. You are not need to pay anything to enjoy the functionalities of this plugin.
  • No registration required: Unlike other third-party social plugins, this one does not require you to create an account on a third-party website.
  • Extremely Simple Configuration: Plugin configuration is kept to a minimum. Wherever possible, screenshots with options are included
  • Fresh Icon Themes: For the Social Login and Sharing icons, new and fashionable themes are employed.
  • Optimal loading time: The loading time of the Social Login and Sharing icons is optimal, and when compared to other plugins, it is significantly faster.
  • Support team is available 24 hours a day to assist you and answer your questions
  • Integrate social login into the WooCommerce checkout and customer login pages
  • Make sharing available for WooCommerce products
  • Customizable redirecting upon login/post-registration

Article updated by: Mark Sayegh on 10/01/2022